GROSSOLOGY traveling exhibit

Grossology Exhibit at the La Crosse Children's Museum

Exhibit Components

Nigel Nose-It-All

Visitors activate this animatronic exhibit by pressing buttons to learn about how their nose functions including allergies, sinuses, snot trivia, runny noses and more. In addition, microscopes at the exhibits base feature slides of things that cause runny noses.  Nine-foot-tall Nigel moves his head, arms, eyelids, hands, and a snot ball drops out of his faucet nose during his presentation.

Skin Climbing Wall

This large-scale fiberglass replica of human skin features pimples, warts, wounds, hair, moles and other skin blemishes. Visitors discover many features of the skin as they climb across this wall.

Burp Man

A larger than life cartoon character drinks from a three-foot pop can pumped by visitors.  The stomach pressure increases until the character releases a giant burp.

Patients Please!

Visitors learn their body parts in this activity styled after the game “Operation”. Visitors can attempt to remove body parts from the game table without touching the sides of the holes.

Look Inside

Learn how food is digested as it passes through the gastrointestinal system.

Urine: the Game

This video game style exhibit teaches visitors how the kidneys remove waste from the blood.

Y U Stink

Match the body odors with the area of the body they come from:  arm pits, lower intestines, mouth & feet.    You smell, select your answer, then a red or green light glows from under the bacteria model to identify if you have answered correctly or not.

Toot Toot

Visitors use rubber tubing and air to learn about the physics of tooting.


How much do you know about the gross things your body does?  This multiple choice trivia game tests what people have learned from visiting GROSSOLOGY