XOXO: Love & Forgiveness

XOXO: Love & Forgiveness

We all know that children are our future. To build a better future, we must raise a generation of human rights defenders with compassion, respect, kindness, inclusion...love and forgiveness.


We are pleased to host a very special traveling exhibit called "XOXO: Love & Forgiveness", included with Museum admission and membership through May 26, 2019.


This special traveling exhibit was created by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh with support from The Fetzer Institute, which works to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global economy.



Local support has been provided by the La Crosse Community Foundation,

the Sue Anne Gelatt Foundation, and the Russell & Vera Smith Foundation.


Help your child be a #KindKid.


The exhibit includes these interactive stations:


Holding Hands - Visitors hold hands and touch the sensors to complete a circuit and reveal a motivational message.


Empathy Blocks - Wooden blocks with different eyes, noses, and mouths can be combined in many ways to show expressions and unique faces.


Story Puzzle - A large, tabletop puzzle includes thematic words and symbols that can be connected in different ways by individuals and/or groups of people working together.


Balance - Work together from each end of the teeter-totter to balance a ball in the center of a long, clear tube.


Silhouettes - Trace each other's profile on to a sheet of paper and discuss similarities and differences.


Release the Negative - Guests are asked to write or draw something that makes them sad, angry or afraid on pieces of different colored paper and then insert it in a slot and turn a crank to shred the paper and release the negative thought.  The colorful shreds of paper are then combined in clear jars as something positive and beautiful being generated from something negative.


Tokens of Love - After writing or drawing an idea or message of love on a piece of paper, guests roll it up and put it in a compressor. Then the guests can use their inner and outer strength to crush the paper into a smooth round "token" embossed with a heart to be given away or kept.


Response Walls - Guests jot down questions and responses about love and forgiveness and tie them to the wall for others to read.


Tone Phones - To demonstrate that how things are said can be as important as the words, people speak into a telephone headset and see images on a screen that reflect the tone of the voice, from soft and kind to loud and angry.


Phone Booths - Pick up a phone and have a conversation with someone you know or a potential new friend.


Art Making Station - Use provided materials to create a craft to give to someone else.


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