History, Mission & Vision

history & mission


To provide affordable opportunities for the young and the young at heart to learn, connect, and grow through interactive play.


To be a dynamic, interactive resource for families, community organizations, and visitors.

We welcome ALL!
When you visit to play, please remember:
This is YOUR museum! Treat it well!


Mission & Vision of the Childrens Museum of La Crosse WI

Stay together, play together
Young guests must be with a grown-up who's monitoring them at all times, including on our elevator.

WALK, please
Our museum is just as fun when you walk, don't run.

Stay screen free
We encourage you to put your phone away and make memories today.

Be kind & helpful
Take turns, play nicely, listen to adults, treat others with care, and clean up.


Children's Museum of La Crosse timeline:

A Beginning

Museum founder, Anne Snow, spearheads the idea of a children’s museum for La Crosse.

A Home

Like-minded volunteers form a board and incorporate as a 501(c)(3).

The Charles & Marjorie Collins family donate the 30,000-square-foot building that remains the Museum’s home

A Gift

Gertrude Salzer Gordon gifts $1 million toward a $2.6 million capital campaign.

A Grand Opening

The Gertrude Salzer Gordon Children’s Museum of La Crosse, Inc., opens to the public.

A Million

The Museum welcomes its 1 millionth guest, Amanda Weaver, and her three children.

A Record

The Museum enjoys a record attendance year, with more than 77,000 visits


The Museum closes due to COVID and reopens in 2021.




It is due to the generosity and support of our community that we continue to thrive!